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Dr. Yu

Pro Hair Tincture

Pro Hair Tincture

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Pro Hair Tincture is designed to promote rapid hair regrowth and strengthen your hair, spot baldness, sparse hair, oily hair loss and other triggers to rapid hair loss. For best effects, use with our plum needle application.

How to Use

Take a cotton pad and dip it into the container. A small amount is enough to treat your hair loss site. Gently pat the soaked cotton pad into your scalp. Massaging your scalp will provide better absorption.

It is recommended to use this product right after a plum (dermal) needle therapy.

Medicial Ingredients

Chinese Ginseng, CeBaiYe, Dandelion, DanShen, JingJie, HuangBo, ZaoJiaoCi, ChuanXiong, Ginger, Japanese Sake.

Side Effects

Dr. Yu has been treating patients with this formula for many years with no serious side effects shown.

Cautions and Warnings

This product has not gone through laboratory research and various skin test experiments. Use at your own risk. If symptoms persist or worsen, or if any new symptoms develop, discontinue use immediately and seek professional help. Do not recommend people with sensitive hair or skin. Consult a healthcare practitioner before usage. So far, there are no reported cases of illness or allergic reactions.

Seek professional advice for any uncertainties and concerns.

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