Stronger hair is from balanced health.

Dr. Yu's Pro Hair series is rooted from traditional Chinese herbal medicine, combining modern medical studies.

Thousands of clients have been treated in the past 30 years to re-grow healthy hair.

  • Health Canada Approved

    High standards without compromising

  • Natural Formula

    TCM Herbal ingredients, safe and effective

  • Real People, Real Results

    Trusted by thousands of customers

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients

    Made in Canada with high standards

  • Improve overall health

    Maintain and improve immune system

Alopecia Areata

Pacify the over-acting immune system

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Female Hair Loss

Balance your health and restore healthy scalp

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Male Pattern Hair Loss

Re-establish scalp oil balance, key to stop the excessive hair loss and to regrow your hair.

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Thousands Have Seen Their Hairs Come Back

From less hair or no hair, our clinically tested formulas will help get you to your your desired hair goals.

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About Doctor Yu

Ph.D and Dr. TCM BC Registered, Dr. Yu is the founder of Pro Hair. He is also a registered acupuncturist with over 33 years of clinical experience. His two ProHair Clinics in Vancouver are trusted by thousands of local patients.

Dr. Yu’s ultimate goal is to educate patients to accept the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment with the principal of curing problems from its roots, and to promote TCM treatment as a common approach to hair loss problems in Western society.

More About Our Mission
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