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Our Products Stop Rapid Hair Loss Quick

After 26 years of researching, Dr. Yu has created the ultimate Pro Hair Collection combining traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical studies

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Our Products Stop Rapid Hair Loss Quick

After 26 years of research, Dr. Yu has created the ultimate Pro Hair Collection combining traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical studies

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Hair Loss


Find Out What Caused Your Hair Loss

Find out what triggered your hair loss problems, cure your symptoms of the ro...


Pro Hair Collection

Using TCM herbal ingredients, our products are safe and provide fast solutions for your hair loss problems from the root.

Pro Hair 1

$238.00 CAD

Pro Hair 1 is the most popular product of Dr. Yu's Formula. It improves your hair health by boosting your immune system. It also provides anxiety relief which helps sleeping disorders and constant nervousness.

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Pro Hair 2

$238.00 CAD

Pro Hair 2 improves scalp blood circulation and nutrients absorption; strengthening the patient's physique and immunity.

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Pro Hair 3

$238.00 CAD

Pro Hair 3 improves your immune system so it can control steady oil distribution among your scalp and hair roots.

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Pro Hair Gro

$238.00 CAD

Pro Hair Gro has the nutrition that your hair needs to speeds up the efficacy of Pro Hair 1, Pro Hair 2 and Pro Hair 3. It can be used together with the products in the Pro Hair Series to reduce alopecia, female pattern hair loss, male pattern hair loss and grey hair.

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Noura Zogheb

Dr Yu is an amazing Doctor with a big gold heart, making sure her patients are well taken care of. He goes always above and beyond for his patients. He is capable, compassionate, dedicated. He deserves an award for what he did with me. I had a sever hair loss and he completely stopped from continuing to happen. Also, with his new acupuncture technique, that almost none existent anywhere else, he stimulated new follicles. I am very pleased with the results. I hate needle before but with his professionalism, I feel so safe and in a good hand. Thank you Dr Yu for having me as a patient. You are the best.

Lindsay Shi

I've been a patient of Dr. Yu for about one year. Dr.Yu is a very professional and experienced doctor. He is an expert in treating rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, herniated discs, and hair loss. I was encountering hair loss problem and other chronic conditions when I first came to him, with a several times treatment, my symptom got much better. I kept using his meds and treatment and my health condition get much better! Highly recommend Dr.Yu. A very nice doctor!

G Wang

I have been a patient of Dr. Yu's since November 2016 for hair loss treatment. He takes a holistic and effective approach in the treatment of hair loss by combining (different types of) acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, diet and lifestyle changes/ modifications. He prescribes different herbs and adopts different treatment methods based on the patients' underlying causes of their conditions as well as their individual needs. Not only is he knowledgable in his field, Dr. Yu is also very friendly and patient in answering questions and listening to his patients' concerns. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yu if you are looking for an effective and holistic treatment of hair loss or other conditions with little or no side effect. Note that Dr. Yu's clinic is usually very busy, so make sure you book an appointment ahead of time to reserve your spot!

Linsey Gong

My grandma often had sever leg pains, though after only a few appointments with Dr. Yu, our family and my grandma alike had seen significant improvement that helped ease her daily physical activities. There is excellent service and cordial staff that makes the experience comfortable for all.

Christina Louie

I was experiencing severe hair loss for over 5 months when my friends referred me to Dr. Yu. I originally came to see him about my hair loss, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that he could treat the tinnitus, eczema, hormonal, and stress issues I've been having for a while. Dr. Yu started me right away on acupuncture sessions twice a week. His treatment included lifestyle, diet modifications and herbal supplements.

Ronny Ramírez

I have suffered from hair loss for years now and I can honestly say I've noticed a great difference and my hair loss has stopped! The customer service is excellent and you can't go wrong with their Chinese medicine for hair loss products!!

Anthony Wilkinson

Within 1.5 months I started seeing less hair in the shower which proved they're doing the job! I can't wait for the next 6 months. I'm so happy I discovered these Chinese medicine for hair loss products. The customer service is excellent! They responded within 1-2 hours regarding questions. Keep it up!!

Savanna N.

I'm very happy with the product so far! My hair loss has been a massive issue for me, but this product has given my hair strength and some volume and it’s also helping with my confidence! I don't know what I would do without Dr. Yu's and his Chinese medicine for hair loss products!

Ellie Yeung

I have spent several weeks searching for a reliable and safe hair product company, and can tell with full confidence that Dr. Yu's Formula has it all. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of their Chinese medicine for hair loss products! I totally see a difference in my hair already!!

Jasmine Henderson

I've had a huge issue with hair loss. I've tried so many products on the market and nothing was working until I tried Dr. Yu's formula Chinese medicine for hair loss product! Within a month I could see new hair growing and my hair loss problem gone! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Elsie Collins

What an absolutely amazing Chinese medicine for hair loss product! I would recommend it to anyone! Over a year ago I was looking for something to help with my major hair loss and I decided to give this a try as I liked the natural ingredients. A year later I'm still purchasing this on a regular basis!

Xing Ru

Just finished my first bottle, and am actually amazed. I've struggled with hair loss and never thought it would ever get better.. I started taking this just for hair growth, but was really pleasantly surprised that it seems to have an effect on anxiety as well. The days I take it, I seem to feel calmer throughout the day and more focused. I'm super happy with this Chinese medicine for hair loss product!


Liang Fu

These are easy to swallow capsules and only been using it 2 weeks and I've noticed a difference in my hair loss. It's a brilliant Chinese medicine for hair loss product and I will definitely be buying it again. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for positive change to the hair. What a miracle!


Sue Bell

My hair has grown so beautifully and healthy-looking since I've been taking this product and I'm even noticing an improvement in my sleep. I can't thank Dr. Yu enough for giving the world such a great Chinese medicine for hair growth product!

Hassan Fayyaz

I have only been taking this product for a month now and I've noticed a great increase in hair growth. I have had no ill effects from it at all and I am going to order another bottle. I can't wait to see what my hair will look like in another few months from these amazing Chinese medicine for hair growth products!

Cesar Orellana

I've noticed improvement in hair growth and thickness. It's truly a miracle that I've found such a great natural product. Thank you Dr. Yu for your amazing Chinese medicine for hair growth products! I couldn't be more excited about my hair!!

Alan Chan

I just ordered a second bottle of this product because it has worked wonders for me. I see a great difference in my hair growth. I would highly recommend using this Chinese medicine for hair growth product!


Henry Tong

I've been using it for almost a week and I really do see a difference with the amount of hair that I've gotten. It's definitely the best natural Chinese medicine for hair growth product out there! Thank you Dr. Yu, your product is changing my life!!

Tracey Macleod

I was using other brands to help with hair growth, but I saw no results. I stumbled across this and decided to try it out. I'm happy this is made with natural products and that it's Health Canada approved. I've seen a great difference with my hair and I would recommend trying this Chinese medicine for hair growth product!

Keiko Yamanaka

I have been taking this for several months and I've noticed a huge difference in my hair growth. My sleep has even gotten better and my anxiety has reduced greatly. I love Dr. Yu and his amazing natural Chinese medicine for hair growth product! Thank you!!!

Jonathan Kim

I've noticed a huge difference in my hair and it's growth. It has become long, luscious and healthy-looking. I love this Chinese medicine for hair growth product and I definitely recommend it!

Susan Mulgrew

I have been taking this formula for around 6-8 months and my hair growth has gotten longer and healthier dramatically. I didn’t know if they were working at first, but they’ve definitely been a staple in my daily supplements. These Chinese medicine for hair growth products are worth the price 100%.

Horace Tang

Halfway through my first bottle and I'm actually starting to see a difference in my hair. It's like magic in a bottle! I can't wait to see what kind of hair growth I'm going to have once I finish the whole bottle. Thank you Dr. Yu and your wonderful Chinese medicine for hair growth products!!

Health Canada Approved

All of Pro Hair collection has been approved by Health Canada to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

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