What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and has been a popular practice in Asia for over thousands of years.

A common misconception of TCM is that it takes a longer time to cure your symptoms but that is completely untrue. TCM focuses on eliminating the ultimate cause for the occurrence of a problem; unlike Western medicine that tends to only focus on treating symptoms from a surface.

The Pro Hair Collection is truly special because each product has been formulated using the perfect combination of various Chinese medical herbs along with a small amount of zinc. These herbs are widely known for their notable health benefits and healing properties.

There is a total of five (but not limited to) key medical herbs that the company would like to disclose to combat all hair related problems. These products aim to treat any type of hair symptom by encouraging the body to heal from within.

Four Key Areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

There are four important areas when it comes to TCM. They are divided into:  

represents life force. According to TCM, qì, or also known as ch’i, is an energy forming part of any living being. It also carries meanings of “air”, “gas”, “life force”, or “energy flow.” Put simply, it is one’s life force. Qì is extremely important to maintain a good balance and purify the qì from mental and physical stress. A harmonious qì balance is necessary for all living beings. A lot of the Chinese medical herb ingredients that have been used in the Pro Hair Collection prioritize in maintaining a good qì balance.

Strong hair requires good health. It is essential to keep a strong immune system to ensure that one’s hair won’t be affected. Weak and fragile hair can be one of the leading symptoms of a bigger medical condition. There are at least 42 medical conditions associated with hair loss. All body functions are connected to each other and no one should ever neglect any possible signs of illness.

Rhubarb: Catharsis

Catharsis is known for detoxing and restoration of the body and mind. Less toxin in the body means better blood circulation with no barriers. Therefore it also helps to deliver nutrients to the scalp. TCM practitioners believe that a lot of people fall ill due to stress and other harmful toxins within one’s body.  Therefore, catharsis is crucial in restoring vitality by strengthening one’s immune system.


Rehmannia: Blood

Blood is essential in keeping one alive and exchanging energy. Rehmannia root has the ability to promote body fluid production and cleanse toxins away from the blood circulation system. Rehammina root is possibly the most beloved tonic herb in TCM. This herb is known for balancing the “Yin” of the Yin and Yang. Additionally, Rehmannia root enhances and regulates blood circulation throughout the body, strengthening blood deficiencies such as anemia. Furthermore, it is very effective in treating conditions such as anemia, diabetes, constipation, menopause, hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and hormone deficiencies.

Rehammina root is one of the common ingredients for Pro Hair supplements because of its wonderful properties. Rehmannia root can provide better blood circulation to the scalp, allowing the hair roots to receive better nutrients. Providing one’s hair with better blood flow will help diminish hair problems.

Aconite: Warm Yang

Deriving from “Yin and Yang”, warm yang specifically targets the warmth of the body. It helps cool or warms up the body depending on the person’s needs. Keeping the inner body warm to a healthy temperature is crucial for one’s well-being. A lot of medicinal herbs have warm yang properties.

Kidney is considered one of the most important organs of Traditional Chinese Medical Studies. This organ is responsible for maintaining "yin and yang" and controlling the energy level. The most important thing is that the kidneys manage the health of the hair. In particular, if there are hair loss or premature symptoms, it may be necessary to treat the kidneys. Many of the Chinese herbal medicine to carry the role of warming pay attention to the health of the kidneys, cinnamon than aconite mild and lasting effect, for the cold patients is also a better choice.

Knowing these four parts is essential because all Chinese medical herbs are divided into these categories. This knowledge will act as a guidance to TCM and will allow one to attain a better understanding of various medical herbs included in the Pro Hair Collection.

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