Traditional Chinese Medicine For Female Hair Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is commonly seen as a male problem. But it can be just as upsetting for - if not quite as widespread among - women.

female hair loss

Around 80 percent of men will suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, while the figure for women is closer to 40 percent. 

Of course, men often accept hair loss as an inevitable part of the aging process, but for women, it can be a bit harder to deal with.

Some women use chemical products to halt the hair thinning process or adopt new hairstyles to disguise bald patches. Others have turned to traditional Chinese medicine as a solution to female hair loss.  

Indeed, this latter group is growing in size as the benefits of traditional Chinese remedies become better known - mainly for its natural, no side effects, nature.

What causes female hair loss?


Like men, women tend to lose their hair as they get older. But unlike men, female hair loss tends to take the form of thinning on the top of the scalp, while men find that their hairlines start receding from the front. Female pattern baldness is a hereditary genetic condition passed on by either parent.

Medical conditions

Women can also suffer from a condition called ‘alopecia areata.’ This is where patches of hair fall out without any obvious explanation. This problem is thought to relate to an immune system deficiency, which means that it tends to resolve itself as the deficiency is treated.

Sudden physical changes

Another common cause of female hair loss is ‘telogen effluvium’, in which a woman’s hair suddenly enters the ‘resting’ and ‘dying’ phases of its growth cycle. This condition can be triggered by a sudden or traumatic change in your physical condition, such as a high fever, extreme weight loss, or even childbirth.

stressed mom


Stress is also a major cause of hair loss, and one of the main prohibitors of hair growth, for women. During menstruation, breastfeeding, or bouts of postpartum depression, stress levels increase, and this pumps more of the so-called “stress hormone” cortisol, which is released from the adrenal glands as part of our natural human ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism, into the body. Research suggests that high cortisol levels can lead to a decrease in cell regeneration and a weakened immune system, both of which are bad for hair growth.

Tight or damaging hairstyles

Any hairstyle that constantly strains your hair back so that it’s pulling at the root - ponytails or cornrows, for instance - can cause serious damage to your hair follicles, and, as a result, restrict your hair’s ability to grow and regrow as it falls out naturally.

Sudden changes in diet or lifestyle

Making sudden changes to your diet - such as a rapid reduction in your daily protein intake - can starve your body of the kinds of vital nutrients that it needs to regrow your hair at a healthy, consistent rate. A diet that is high in sugary, fatty and processed foods, and that is low in natural proteins and minerals, will have a negative effect on the overall quality of your skin, hair and nails.

What are the most common treatments for female hair loss?

There are a number of popular chemical-formulated treatments for female hair loss. For instance, Minoxidil, enhances the size of your hair follicles so that they produce bigger strands of hair, while other supplements combine fish protein, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and niacin in order to encourage your body to produce thicker strands.

chemical solution

However, chemical based solutions are never the best, because it doesn't treat the problem from the roots. Hair loss is a reflection of your body's overall health (above mentioned reasons), you have to maintain a healthy body and mind to treat hair loss permnanently. 

So instead of getting a quick surface solution to a long term problem which may also cause unwanted side effects and wasting money, why not opt for a healthier alternative?

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Stop Female Hair Loss?

Traditional Chinese Medicine - which has centuries of proven results - is best for preventing female hair loss and slow hair growth while only using non-chemical based ingredients.


Here are some of the most effective herbs when it comes to stopping and reversing female hair loss:

He Shou Wu

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have long believed that the He Shou Wu herb has restorative properties essential to the health of your kidneys and the strength of your blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation is a particular problem for women, who often suffer from cold hands and feet. He Shou Wu is an excellent remedy for that.

It’s classified as a tonic, and helps slow the physical signs of ageing - notably premature graying and hair loss. It stimulates hair growth as well as restores the color and sheen of the hair.


Ginseng, which you can often find in tea, is one of the best known Chinese herbs. It is believed to stimulate blood circulation and promote cell metabolism, which means that it increases blood supply to hair follicle cells.

Zingiber officinale

Zingiber officinale is one of the most effective ingredients used to treat hair loss in Chinese medicine. It improves blood circulation, boosts your immune system while at the same time reducing blood pressure It also provides relief from anxiety and insomnia. 

How can Dr.Yu’s Formula help with my hair loss?

Dr. Yu’s Formula Pro Hair 1 is a very effective combination of American ginseng, ren shen, zinc, and other traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients.

It treats stress and anxiety, and it’s ideally designed for women who are suffering from hair loss following a traumatic event or sudden change in their physical state.

And Dr. Yu’s Formula Pro Hair 2 combines a range of traditional Chinese herbs - including He Shou Wu - to enhance your physical fitness, improve the vitality of your hair, and promote hair growth and blood flow to the scalp.

So if you’re a woman worried about hair thinning or hair loss, try Dr.Yu’s Formula now! 

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