Hair Loss is A Millennial Problem

Hair Loss is A Millennial Problem

With the rapid development of society, a lot of people are under constant stress. Now the hair loss phenomenon does not only applies to the middle-aged. From the age of 20 to the 50-year-old middle-aged, regardless of men and women, hair loss symptoms can be found in a wider age range of patients.

About 90% of people suffer from hair loss, of which 50.8% has symptoms from of the age of 25-35, 25% from the age of <25 years. Male and female ratio of signs of symptoms is at 7: 1, but the number of female hair loss is increasing year by year. The most common causes of rapid hair loss are stress, genetics, weak immune system, sleep quality.

50% of people want to find the perfect hair loss solution, but 90% of the people will choose shampoo products as the method of treatment.

Because modern patients can not frequently visit acupuncture or Vancouver dentists due to busy schedules, so Dr. Yu designed the Pro Hair Collection, targeted to stop hair loss, strengthen the hair and body and relief mental nerve system.

When pair Plum Needle and Pro Hair Tincture with Pro Hair Collection, the results can be just as rewarding as visiting acupuncture sessions.

Dr.Yu's Formula is made with Chinese herbal medicines, approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health, no harsh chemical ingredients, healthy and natural.

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