TCM cures pain quickly and magically

TCM cures pain quickly and magically

    A 52 years old gentleman found Dr. Yu's Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic by searching online. When he first came to the clinic, he suffered from severe neck pain, low back pain, and knee pain. The knees of both legs were so painful that he couldn't walk, it was more painful, especially when he went uphill or downhill, and he couldn't sleep at night. After assessment, the appearance of the knee did not change much, but his symptom is similar to osteoarthritis. X-ray diagnosed degenerative arthritis with bone spurs. Low back pain is caused by a herniated lumbar disc.


     Because there are too many pain points, Dr. Yu discussed with the patient and treated them step by step to solve the main pain first. Knee pain affects walking, the first choice is to treat the knee. The degenerative arthritis of his knee has been around for several years. It is a chronic disease. It has become worse at this age.


     There are so many pains at the age of 52. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, it is due to insufficient liver and kidney, loss of Qi and blood, resulting in loss of articular cartilage, resulting in severe joint wear and tear, which is the main reason. This is also related to the humid and cold weather in Vancouver. It is easy to get sick in winter. Although his knee and low back pain are different, the root cause is all caused by kidney deficiency.


     Dr. Yu plans to treat him with acupuncture and moxibustion ten times, together with Chinese medicine for knee pain. For the first time, acupuncture points were taken on his back and knees. When he came to acupuncture for the second time the next day, he happily said that he felt much better and said that the medicine was effective. According to his condition, there is no need to treat the knee next time. With such a quick effect, it is no problem for him to go upstairs. It didn't hurt anymore at night and could sleep peacefully. He was very happy.


     The back pain was also cured by acupuncture the second visit, and the neck pain was also cured.


     The original plan was to treat the knee ten times. As a result, he recovered miraculously after all four treatments. The patient was very happy. Thanks to Dr. Yu for his medical ethics. What's interesting is that the patient took the initiative to buy 2 more bottles of medicine before leaving. Dr. Yu said that the medicine is sold out, and the patient found that there were 2 bottles hidden behind the shelf.


     Why can acupuncture relieve pain? Pain is usually caused by infection with wind and cold Qi. Acupuncture can relieve blood and regulate Qi, but it will not be painful and the pain will disappear naturally.