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Plum (Dermal) Needle

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Plum Needle Therapy has a history of more than 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can be used to treat hair loss issues and to promote hair regrowth by 20-50% faster. It is especially effective in treating alopecia symptoms.

How To Use Plum (Dermal) Needle

  • It is recommended to use this tool for 5 mins, once per day, for its maximum effect. It can also be used every other day, as long as the usage is consistent.
  • Take the plum (dermal) needle and start lightly tapping into your scalp. Make sure you are gentle with this process to avoid any unpleasant pain. It is expected that your skin will be red from the tapping result. Concentrate on the areas that has less hair for better results.
  • Continue to tap into your scalp for about 2 to 5 minutes. Each tap should be light and quick. Imagine as if you are bouncing a small ball with your wrist. Your hand should remain steady. Make sure to tap with a consistent rhythm, speed, and strength.
  • Sanitize your plum (dermal) needle before putting it away. Your scalp may feel a little numb, but this is a normal reaction. Let your hair and scalp rest. It is recommended to rub a small amount of Pro Hair Tincture cream to the area to achieve better results.


High Quality Steel, Plastic, Box package is 50g (Extremely lightweight)


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Cautions and Warnings

Dr. Yu has been treating patients with this formula for many years with no serious side effects shown. Howevr, this product has not gone through laboratory research and various skin test experiments. Use at your own risk. If symptoms persist or worsen, or if any new symptoms develop, discontinue use immediately and seek professional help. Do not recommend people with sensitive hair or skin. Consult a healthcare practitioner before usage. So far, there are no reported cases of illness or allergic reactions. Seek professional advice for any uncertainties and concerns.

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