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Conditions of Use & Disclaimers of Warranty:

Pregnant women, people with severe heart disease, brain stroke, high blood pressure, and other infectious diseases must not consume Pro Hair products. Do not mix Pro Hair products with other medications — such as common cold medications — except for Pro Hair 1. Do not consume Pro Hair products if you are suffering from a fever or dealing with inflammation.  

Pro Hair products are only meant to supplement, not to replace advice from your doctor or healthcare practitioner. Also, Pro Hair 1, 2, and 3 are only intended to be used for hair loss treatment. Our products are not designed to diagnose or prevent any disease. They also do not substitute as core nutrients to your diet, but rather only serve as an enhancement. It is your responsibility to consult a doctor regarding any health concerns. Speak to a healthcare practitioner first to see if the ingredients match your particular health needs. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner if you are uncertain about consuming Pro Hair, alternating your prescription, and/or determining a suitable prescription for you. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical help if you notice any unusual symptoms. Stop use immediately if symptoms persist or worsen.  

Our products and all content included on this website do not contain information about every disease and only provide general health information purely for your reference. Any medical questions regarding healthcare, treatments, and diagnoses should be directed to a professional healthcare provider. Never self-diagnose, and Pro Hair will not be responsible for any type of misuse.

Product license is issued by the Minister of Health of Health Canada under the authority of section 7 of the Natural Health Products Regulations. Sale of the described natural health product, including any changes thereto pursuant to section 11 of the Regulations, is subject to the Food and Drugs Act and to the Natural Health Products Regulations. Pro Hair has been approved by Health Canada and has followed all standard requirements to obtain a product license to legally sell its merchandise.

Copyrights and Trademarks:

Every content included on this website, including but not limited to: texts, graphics, photographs, audios, videos, video clips, information is the property of Pro Hair or its content suppliers are protected by the Canadian Copyright Act. The entire compilation, selection, arrangement, assembly, and coordination of all content available on this website is exclusive property of Pro Hair and is protected by the section 2.2 (3) Canadian Copyright Act. Pro Hair carries a certificate of registration of copyright for all information listed on its website. Pro Hair 1, 2, 3, and Dr. Yu’s formulation are all trademarks licensed by Pro Hair and its affiliated entities or the owner of the mark. 

The only exception in which Pro Hair grants permission to using its contents is for one’s personal medical use. One may make printed copies of selected portions of the content provided that such copies are made solely for personal benefit. It must never be used under any other circumstances, including but not limited to: reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, commercial, display, performance, or for any other unauthorised purpose. If not complied with, Pro Hair has the authority to carry out legal actions.

Additionally, any reproduction or use of Pro Hair’s contents for other than personal, non-commercial purposes requires one to receive prior the written consent of Pro Hair. If being used by any means, the following copyright notice: “Copyright © 2017 Yu’s Hair Regrowth Botanical Solution Corp. All rights reserved.” must appear on every copy.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our company takes great pride in providing the best hair supplement products to our clients. And more than 95% of our patients are satisfied with their results. We recommend that you watch out for a few habits that hinder you from obtaining the best results possible. These habits tend to be:

  1. Inconsistent sleeping time
  2. Overusing eyes
  3. Emotional or physical trauma

We recommend our clients to shut off their phones and laptops to give their eyes a break from overworking. Taking a break from using digital devices can significantly reduce stress level. Also, having irregular sleeping schedules disrupts your body’s healing and adaptation process. It is best to go to bed at a consistent time — before 11 PM — to avoid sleepless nights and unwanted disruptions. Remember that a good sleep is essential in maintaining your health. Last, but not least, a severe physical or mental trauma can put your body under tremendous amount of stress. In fact, stress is the number one cause of hair loss. Try your best to relax your body around night time so that your body can restore itself.

Developing healthy sleeping habits at a consistent time, giving your eyes a break every so often will allow Pro Hair supplements to perform to their best capabilities. Also, it is important to distance yourself from mental or physical stress. If you are suffering hair loss due to stress and anxiety, then Pro Hair 1 is the solution!

Health Canada

All of Pro Hair products have been approved by Health Canada to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Any label used on its products reflects the information outlined on the product license and complies with the labelling requirements as per Part 5 of the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR). The company ensures that all advertising claims on its product labels are entirely correct. Pro Hair will never sell a natural health product unless it is properly manufactured, packaged, labelled, imported, distributed and stored in accordance with Part 3- Good Manufacturing Practices of the NHPR or in agreement with equivalent requirements if the natural health product is imported. Pro Hair products strictly follow Section 44 of the NHPR and each product available for sale in Canada complies with the specifications submitted to Health Canada.