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Our story so far.

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Our Mission

Most of the hair loss drugs in the market are palliative, these products due to lack of ultimate solution to the hair loss root causes. Dr. Yu’s ultimate goal is to educate patients to accept the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment with the principal of curing problems from its roots, and to promote TCM treatment as a common approach to hair loss problems in Western society. After a long try and through years of clinical experience, Pro Hair Collection can provide results as soon as after 1 bottle!

Founder Dr. Yu

The founder of Pro Hair, Dr. Yu is a registered acupuncturist with over 33 years of clinical experience. He completed his Acupuncture Doctor training at Hubei TCM University and received his Master’s degree in acupuncture from Changchun TCM University. Before immigrating to Canada and successfully opened his own clinic, Dr. Yu practiced as an MD and acupuncturist in hospitals in China for 15 years.

Dr. Yu served as Chairman of the Academic Committee of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (ATCMA) and Chairman of the British Columbia Association of TCM & Acupuncture Practitioners and Chairman of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture . As well as Kwantlen Polytechnic University Chinese Medicine Project Advisory Committee, he repeatedly as the Chinese traditional medical conference speaker, to share his knowledge and experience of Chinese medicine. He has also served as mentor at several Vancouver College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Product Inspiration

Prior to his immigration to Canada, during his master’s degree, he was personally instructed by Professor Zhang Cuiping to study acupuncture treatment of hair loss. Professor Zhang Cuiping is the first in the history of Chinese medicine to write “Acupuncture Treatment of Hair Loss”. Dr. Yu is currently the only doctor in Canada who is a student of her practice.

During Dr. Yu experience in Canada, he found out that Canadians can not accept or reluctant to form a habit of receive acupuncture treatments. So he gradually added TCM to the acupuncture clinical treatment. As predicted, the results are very prominent, after practicing TCM for many years, he finally launched 3 fixed formula – The Pro Hair series and a external use supplement formula. The current 3 Pro Hair formulas have been approved by Health Canada, and by the best quality standard equal to GMP companies for the best product.

Our Team

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    Anthony Moore

    Founder & CEO

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    Douglas Morgan

    Creative Director

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    Kimberly Miller

    Sales Director

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